A downloadable Spiritway for Windows

Spiritway to the Lighthouse is a first-person narrative adventure game.

In this dreamlike experience, play as a lonely old seadog on his last journey; tame the ocean aboard your fishing boat and discover a fantastic sea legend !

The game takes place in Brittany in the middle of the 20th century and tells the story of a old fisherman's journey across the Celtic Sea to reach a mysterious lighthouse.

"Old sailors, who have devoted body and soul to the ocean all their lives, sometimes set sail one last time and never return... It is said that they set sail on a last voyage, to reach the afterlife beyond the clouds" 

- The Fiddler's Green legend


Spiritway to the Lighthouse_v1.zip 1 GB

Install instructions

The game has been designed to be played with gamepad, and the use of headset is strongly recommended (because spatialised sounds).


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hello, is there any chance you can open source this? i'd love to see how you did this in unity. thanks.

You can find the code on Gitlab : https://gitlab.com/TheoLemoine/spiritway-to-the-lighthouse

Most of the water work is done through a plugin called Crest, and the rest is unity HDRP.

The unity version might be a bit outdated (LTS 2020.3.0f1), you will probably need to install this specific version of the engine to open it.

Thanks a lot! This is amazing. It's so inspiring to see how students made such a gem of a game. What version of Crest did you use for the water?

Simply the best student project I had the occasion to play, a sparkling gem from start to finish.

Atmosphere is masterfully done, the ambiance is perfectly controlled and the boat will always be sailing my thoughts.

Very promising future for all involved!

The game is amazing, it gave me so much that I finally got tears in my eyes

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This experience is AWESOME!

We are inside the game and the music is intense!